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Telecom operators in order to face the fierce competition and the situation, the urgent need to change the traditional means and methods of operation support, on the one hand to enhance the user experience and service awareness, and service quality, in order to enhance user stickiness, to avoid the loss of customers; on the other hand, the decline in revenue growth at the same time, is also changing and no key operation for thinking, network construction, network optimization, maintenance and customer service support needs to change the original scattered, chimney, vertical management, avoid duplication, improve work efficiency.

Product overview

In combination with large data user perception systems, data analysis services are provided

The user perceived by information collection software installed on the smart terminal, recording sensory information and wireless environment and the corresponding signaling message of user application, using 3, 4G network real-time data collection and upload to the cloud data center group, centralized storage and processing of data, the background user perception assessment support system according to the application requirements of different operations, the acquisition of the information collected, analysis and presentation, for operators to detect network problems, reduce customer complaints, provides data analysis services to enhance the network quality and service quality.The system breaks the traditional way of building chimney duplication system in all provinces and departments, realizes the flexible collection of data and realizes centralized storage and processing of data, so as to realize data sharing and sharing in the whole country


The operator evaluation system through the construction of user perception, will greatly reduce the dependence on the traditional professional testing instrument, by evaluating the statistical analysis of massive data acquisition system on user perception, and combined with the operators of regular professional testing, can be real-time control of network quality, to enhance the efficiency of network optimization and network quality is of great significance.