Manufacturing-Guang Qi Honda


Guang Qi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. ("Guang Qi Honda") is a auto enterprise with independent research and development ability and own brand. In 2012, China auto market in the past 10 years annual auto sales climbed to 18 million from 2 million a "blowout" step into the micro growth era, car dealer inventory survey results also show that since 2012 the most comprehensive dealer inventory coefficient is more than the warning line of the serious car market, car has become the key to grasp the user enterprise.

Product overview

The network of vehicles improves the service experience through data analysis and mining

Using the iOBD data acquisition terminal and network monitoring technology, real-time condition data acquisition and a large number of owners reflect the owners demand data analysis capabilities through the platform data, analysis and mining of these data, extract the value of decision information from massive data, comprehensive monitoring of the running state of the vehicle and the owner feedback on Honda Camry to assist the Guangzhou Honda, precise positioning of the user, the owner needs rapid response, and the establishment of close ties between the car and the owner of the factory, special shops, innovative service experience.


The platform provides detailed statistics and analysis results, the help enhance lean management level; through expert manager application, provide information for the owners of activities and promotions and feedback of service, enhance customer service; service insurance products concessions, help improve product sales platform; through publicity, save a lot of advertising costs; reduce the cost of research. To enhance the effect, convenient organizing activities.