Novogene is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of genomics solutions, focusing on developing high-throughput sequencing technology and bioinformatics applications in life sciences and human health. The gene data analysis platform for the overall goal of building a modern green cloud computing data center; research on human biological engineering and related product development platform, and improve the biological analysis software platform and corresponding IT calculation.

Product overview

The biological cloud scheme assists in the construction of the genetic data analysis and processing platform

Aiming at the construction target and content of the user, the contents are analyzed as follows: Business system planning needs analysis, the introduction of advanced application software and management platform, the establishment of a modern green data center, the use of high-performance computing and high-speed storage, combined with the perfect operation of data processing platform. The construction of data center infrastructure from the data center to data center began to consider the selection of IT equipment and installation deployment, network security planning, with green energy efficient as the fundamental network exchange system, build green room; biological treatment and gene sequencing analysis software, with HPC and high speed storage system composed of biological gene sequencing research platform; install the deployment of a biomedical data analysis platform for testing and analysis of biological sequences, meet the current research use.


Green energy conservation and environmental protection, the use of high density blade server, thus reducing the data center energy consumption. In the overall design architecture and scale, the overall solution can be flexibly flexible based on the size of the user's business and the need for processing capabilities. With the advanced concept of modern data center, it has strong extensibility and ensures the security of data.