China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) needs to purchase hardware quality assurance services when its network devices are over insured. At the same time, it needs to purchase data center and WAN technology support and on-site operation and maintenance services to ensure the healthy and stable operation of the network.

Product overview

UEC provides a complete set of specifications for the process of technical support services

The system upgrade is to ensure the production system does not stop the case, use the data pump fast data transfer, the new HDLM dynamic path management, multi-channel hardware redundancy and many other advanced technologies, and data management together with oil successfully according to the current number of production of seamless migration to new database system architecture. The data of the new system has the advantages of safety, high availability and leading technology.

Designated local customer service manager and stable technical service team, providing all directional technical support services such as fault diagnosis, technical consultation and so on. At the same time, our company set up corresponding user archives (including equipment and services), so as to get important technical information such as system operation report, user follow-up feedback, common failures and processing plan. To provide users with various ways of technical support, and provide full-time service teams with answers to relevant questions submitted by users, and provide relevant suggestions. We should track, feedback and deal with problems that have not been solved thoroughly.


Provide customers with quick and effective maintenance technology services. Help CNOOC effectively improve the operation and maintenance of related equipment. Customer centered, ensure the daily maintenance technical support of CNOOC's maintenance contract, and ensure that CNOOC's technical problems of equipment are answered in a timely and effective way.