Insurance-Pacific Insurance


In 2009, the Pacific Insurance Data Center in Shanghai began to implement virtualization on a large scale. But Shanghai data center has been running for 5 years. The traditional infrastructure deployment mode is hard to support the explosive demand of the Internet application. The traditional infrastructure delivery mode can not support the business sector to respond quickly and elastically to the change of market demand. In order to effectively support the operation of business system and invest in building new data center in Chengdu, with the delivery of Chengdu data center in 2015, it provides an opportunity to optimize and upgrade to cloud computing platform on the basis of existing virtualization.

Product overview

Based on cloud computing technology services for customers to realize the two center operation

The dynamic capacity of Shanghai - Chengdu two center dynamic double live is formed, and the dynamic allocation ability of the two land resources is established to improve the recovery ability of disaster. Based on cloud computing technology, we build a private cloud platform supporting rapid deployment, flexible expansion, quick response, measurable and self service by sharing the IT basic resource pool, and retain the hybrid cloud interface supporting public cloud.


In cloud computing, data center, enterprise IT process is solidified, the various departments of the rights and responsibilities are completely clear down, all businesses can clearly find the required IT resources, and the implementation of virtualization and automation technology, will enable IT to greatly enhance the efficiency of.