As a consumer oriented service company for public, Haier has a lot of sensitive information, such as personal and counterparty, and Haier also has a lot of business secret information. The information is dispersed in various IT systems. These sensitive information will inevitably be used in IT daily work, especially in outsourcing, testing, development and training. With Haier to recognize the importance of data privacy, with customers to improve gradually to the protection of personal privacy awareness, government agencies increasingly stringent laws and regulations, the introduction of data desensitization technology, enhance the ability of information security protection in the above link is the urgent demand of Qingdao Haier.

Product overview

Provide professional data security and desensitization platform solutions

The development of information science and technology comprehensive risk management strategy, classification, classification of sensitive information management; clear quality standards from secret information, the definition of simulation data requirements in quality assurance and development, reduce the fault time development, rework and production; and define the test data service level, improve the productivity and reduce the required test. To identify the best test case data in time, reduce the overall test time.


The platform's persistent data privacy protection technology provides effective data privacy, perfect protection, efficient testing, training and developing data development environment with high efficiency, low data leakage risk and high performance and scalability. It together with dynamic data privacy protection technology constitutes the foundation of a unified and comprehensive data privacy protection platform for enterprises. It is efficient and quick to protect data privacy and monitor data privacy access and usage compliance.