In the field of IoT, UEC provides data acquisition and access products and supports the construction and operation of Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Water, Agricultural IoT via edge computing and data platform technology; in the area of big data, UEC provides analysis engine, data products and business solutions for different industries.

Internet of Vehicles

Create a sophisticated Internet of Vehicles ecosystem via specialized hardware and software products, business management and data service platform.
Application Scenarios:
OEMs, 4S stores, insurance companies,government, etc.

Internet of Water

Build a water E2E solution via water source monitoring, intelligent water plant renovation, pipeline management, reservoir and household water meter upgrade.
Application Scenarios:
Aquatic tourism, water entertainment, aquatic products e-commerce, etc.

Agricultural IoT

Achieve an effective integration of scale andprecision farming via crop cultivation environment monitoring, standardized plantation management, traceability of agricultural products, remote insect condition prediction and other means.
Application Scenarios:
Internet towns, agrometeorological stations,vegetable source traceability and e-commerce platform.